Why are the version 'v's of different cases!?!

Trying to add a nice little LEAN_VERSION argument to the Dockerfile. But for some reason, the git tag for releases uses a lower-case ‘v’, and the release archive filename uses a capital ‘V’, so the URL path is:


That seems…an interesting choice. In any case, I’ll add the ‘v/V’ to the argument expansion, but it seems…fragile.

You are right, that is fragile and we should move towards a unified way (say lowercase).

I wrote that too late at night and was unecessarily and rudely snarky about it. I am sorry. Leantime is a great piece of software and I hope your team is proud of it. Little things like this happen!

Oh, no worries. Thank you for the feedback and your contributions! We are excited to see Leantime grow with a community!

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