ToDo later vs This Week issue

Hi, I am a new user and generally excited! One of the things that I wonder about: On my project dashbord which deals about one of my websites I have added a task that is ongoing (“correcting dead links”). I have selected today as the start time (“Working from” field) and left the due date empty, as this is an ongoing and (sadly) neverending task. On the dashbord it shows up as “ToDo later”. For me this does not make any sense. It seems “todo later” is calculated by the due date. I suggest using the “working from” date as criteria. What do you think?

This kept me thinking, because i never use the “working from” date. Maybe this could used for tasks that are ongoing and/or repetitive.

Or any task that last for several days. One could create a new field “start date” instead of the “working from”. I have other tasks as well that I am supposed to now, not later that show up as “To do later”.

But yeah, everybody is using software differently!

The dashboard does indeed use the due date as the qualifier. The idea is that a due date has a stronger meaning eg this “needs” to be done by X.

The work from and to dates are for planning purpose and describe when you are planning to perform the work. Technically there should be a validation somewhere to check that work from and to are not greater than the due date.

With that said. I think we could do a better job of allowing customization for the dashboard. Maybe a some simple query language or so to set find the to dos you need.

Yes, maybe with some filters like based on “how large is this todo” and status?