Show Other Project Milestones in relation to each other

I am just planning two projects and in my case each milestone would involve a different type of user. I.e. Design phase involves designers, while the development phase involves developers, etc. When I’m planning a new project, it would be nice to see other projects’ milestones below to compare, so you can see when the different teams are busy and when they’re available at a glance.

Here’s a super quick & dirty mockup:

I see the value in this and find it useful.
We currently have limited interactions between two projects on a portfolio level.
I think an easy approach would be to just show a read only version of external projects.
Editing both at the same time would be a major overhaul of the internal structure

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Read only would be sufficient, as long as one can get an idea of the overall schedule of other things going on. Maybe it could even be just one project to compare with, that the user can switch via a pop-up menu.