Report menu not display milestone percent

Hi Marcel.
I have a problem with milestone report. Detail:
When I go into Project dashboard menu, milestone display percent OK, but i go into menu Report, all milestone is 0%.
I used version 2.1.1
How can i solve this problem?
Thanks so much!

I have the same problem in addition to thin one

I will check and get back to you. On the milestone percentages, can you give more details? How many todos do you have, what percentage is shown on the dashboard etc

Hi Marcel,
My project have 114 todos, 17 milestones
Dashboard show all milestones and display all OK, I setup all todos effort is M.
Max percent of a milestone is 75%, avarage is 40% and have 2 milestone 0%.
But when i go into report menu, all miletones display is 0%.

Thanks, I found the bug and just released a new version. Let me know if you have any other problems.

Hi Marcel,
Bug is fixed.
I tested it OK
Thanks so much for your update!

Awesome, thanks for the update!