Renaming Leantime Elements, Dropdowns, Concepts

I’ve been in search of a modern, open source project management platform for some time. Leantime ticks the box on a number of fronts: simplicity, UX, and within it’s construct, flexibility. I’ve also looked at others: ProjeQtOr is complicated. Open Project - difficult to install. Unfortunately, our company is a services company – providing management consulting services to a specific vertical – and not a software company. Having terminology that our clients understand is critically important. Now I know that Agile/lean is a very important model for software dev and Leantime looks great for that purpose. I also know that conceptually, the model will work for our work – but – the fixed terminology makes it difficult to try and “educate” non-agile/software development types to, much less our clients.

My question: has any consideration been given to the ability to rename, through UX configuration, terms like:

The “to-do” (Kanban) phases (and maybe add or delete some)

So, although I get all of these (although I’m not an expert) in the Agile framework, and they make perfect sense for iteratively developing software, they don’t apply perfectly (definitely not rigidly) to what I would call traditional project management.

I mean, all project work has goals, phases, iteration, issues and risks, communication, resource utilization, milestones, tasks, etc. but unless you fully understand Agile/Lean, sharing Leantime reporting and interaction with people who don’t understand it would be very difficult.

Thoughts? I hope this is in the right category and please feel free to move if desired.

Hi, thanks for reaching out. I understand the need to update the wording to fit your needs. We are trying to follow industry beast practices and labels that resonate with a wide variety of people.

If you are using the self hosted installation the easiest way to adjust the system to your needs would be to update the language files in resources/languages/en-US.ini

This file contains all the words and you can just do a simple replace all. I’d suggest to copy the file and rename it to something like en-custom.ini so that a system update won’t override your changes.

Thank you! I figured that might be possible but thought selections might be intersperced with coding somehow. I will give that a try, and be sure to let you know how that maps to what I’m thinking.