Possible to set default project?

Hi there,

New LeanTime user here. Just switching over from Asana - wanted a self-hosted open that I can adapt and so far am really impressed with LeanTime. You actually have more functionality than Asana’s paid Premium option, which is really useful! Thanks!

So I have a couple of questions…

Is it possible to set the default project that opens when a user logs in?

Also, is it possible to set the default page that opens when a user selects a project? I’d like my projects to open onto the Milestones view by default ideally.

Lastly, is there any way to customise the text on the Login page? I’d like to change the “Drive Impact” line if at all possible. I can’t spot it in any of the php files I’ve opened so far so a little guidance would be welcome.

Thanks in advance for your time, and thanks again for your incredible amount of effort in building this project. Kudos for publishing as an open source resource for the community, it sure is appreciated.



So sorry for the late reply. It is currently not possible to set the default project or the first page after login.
There are two methods in the core/ that you could update to make that possible though (at least hard coded). Happy to walk you through if you are comfortable making some code changes.