Possible to host Leantime on web hosting?

Hi all,

I have some web hosting space and I am wondering if it is possible to host Leantime on there?
And if so, how?
I tried uploading it to my web hosting space and I could install Leantime. But I get a blank page after logging in.

It’S always possible to host software anywhere. But the question is if you can use leantime on a web space. I am shure you can install leantime manually

Take a look here: https://github.com/Leantime/leantime

If the Webspace doesn’t fulfill the requirements of leantime think about replaceing your Webspace with a V-Server. Wich is basecally a virtual computer in a datacenter, where you can install whatever you want, as long as you have booked enough processor cores and ram.

On my developmentserver there is Nextcloud, Leantime, Drupal and netdata as well as only office. for round about 12 Dollar a month.

If you can affort it try it its worth it.

If you are able to migrate from your space to a provate virtual server you should do, so you wount have any problems any longer.