PLEASE change expression of time from decimal?!

One of my favourite features in LeanTime is the ability to log time spent on tasks and see how long is left in the time alloted to it. Most paid project management solutions like Asana, Basecamp, etc don’t have built in time tracking, so this really is a valuable feature and a big financial saving for us.

However, my biggest problem with it is in the way time is expressed.

Time is currently expressed as a decimal value. So for example, I currently have a task that looks like this…

Task: Window modelling
Logged hours: 0.68
Hours remaining: 0.32

At first glance hours remaining feels like its telling me 0hours and 32 minutes. But in fact it’s telling me just over 19 minutes is remaining.

Converting decimals to hours and minutes in my head is impossible - sorry if that makes me seem like a luddite, but it really just isn’t a familiar format used by people IMHO.

Please - is there any way it can be changed to be expressed in an hours and minutes format please?

So instead it would read like this…

Task: Window modelling
Logged hours: 0 hours, 41 minutes
Hours remaining: 0 hours, 19 minutes

Obviously seconds can be rounded to the nearest minute, ensuring they add up to 60 before accruing an hour of course.

This would really be a big benefit in terms of project management and keeping an eye on time spent on tasks here. I’m sure I can’t be the only one that has been confused by it.

P.S… Thanks so much for your time, and a BIG BIG thank you for your hard work on LeanTime. I truly love it as an application, it’s changed my working life considerably!! Much love to any developers working on this. If you ever need any design help I’m happy to volunteer some time.


Thank you for the request. I agree, explressing time in HH:mm would be a lot easier to read.
We’ve tried it in the past and ran into some issues with conversion back and forth and abandonned the effort temporarily. I can take a look and see if momentJs can handle that format.

As it seems it does:

That should be an easy fix. Can you create a request on github for that?