Must Notificatication for some feature

Hi Marcel, I configured integrate with Mattermost and it seem work OK. But I think some feature have to add your project:

  • Notification only send to mattermost stream when click some button, ex: save,save and close … If i change directly on ticket, it not send notification ex change directly effort from L to M an todo in kanban.
  • Milestone when drag must have confirm, because milestone is important or must notification when milestone is dragged to other time.
  • Information in notification must display more, have content is changed. ex with who changed todo: Person updated the To-Do: changed due day from 04/05/2020 to 10/05/2020…

Please sympathize with me, I’m not front end developer, some terminology is incorrect.
Thanks so much!

Thanks. Good point I think we should add notifications to those actions as well.