Mattermost intergration via hooks is awesome, but

I love that Leantime works with Mattermost, which I also use.

However, two things.

  1. Everything I do gets updated to mattermost. Is there a way to control this. Perhaps create a setting that would allow only certain actions to be sent to mm or that you have a way of consolidating the messages? Perhaps create a setting that allows all messages as soon as they are entered or all messages withing an hour or all messages for the day, etc?

  2. Any text that is entered in a message box appears in html code in instead of plain text in Mattermost. Is that expected?

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We currently don’t have a way to granularly select the notifications you would like to see in Mattermost/Slack. This is a feature that is in our backlog.

Re 2: Can you send me a screenshot. Not sure I fully understand what is happening. Do you see html tags?

This is what I see in mattermost using incoming webhooks from Leantime.

Thanks I see. We’ll need to remove the html before sending this to Mattermost