LOVE LOVE LOVE! the Research > Lean Canvas Want MORE!

Just got Leantime installed on my local Docker to tinker and see if it works for me, and really like the milestone (Gantt) chart, and other features, but then I clicked on the Research tab and found a Lean Canvas! THIS IS AWESOME!

  1. Being open-source, I am sure there is a way to add canvases to this research model. Like the value proposition canvas, etc.? I attempted to add a new “canvas” and found the original lean canvas boxes were updated with the new headers. This is still an awesome conceptual start, and strategic approaches like using canvases are not used or understood enough, and incorporating their use into a PM tool like Leantime is an awesome way to get them in the hands of teams that can really impact the how PM works in the future.

  2. I noticed that the forms behind each +add Item in the lean canvas creates are the same. I get it, and am wondering if it is possible to map different forms/data elements to these items?

  3. Finally, I am an enterprise architect, so digging deep is in my capability, but not necessarily the best thing for me to be doing, but what is the best way to tweak some of these features, and get them onto the roadmap?

So far, I am really enjoying the tool! Thanks a bunch!

Hi Andy,
absolutely with you. This is a real gem. However, it would be great if the community could support so that feature requests get implemented. If the author could reply to this it would be great. I would be happy to offer my support to make leantime even greater!



Thanks, I would not mind wading through the source to figure out how to get this done, but it would be funner to collaborate withs someone on it. It would be even funner if the author were involved as you said.

I like the word funner. :wink: