Lost Session in RDP usage

Hello together,

I am quite new to the subject and wanted to establish LeanTime as a PM tool in our company. The installation went well, the DB exists and users and projects were created.

However, as soon as users want to log on to the site on a terminal server, they always fly out of the session after another “click” on any link and land on the LeanTime login site.

I recognized the problem in the cookie session (correct me if I’m wrong) and changed the cache_limiter in the php_ini from ‘nocache’ to 'private_no_expire’. Then the session won’t get lost, BUT the rewrites and updates won’t work anymore (the users always stay in the same project).

Do you still have an idea what could be the reason?

Thanks a lot and keep it up - the program looks really cool :slight_smile:

I am not very familiar with the cache_limiter but I believe this just masks the actual problem. Just to get a better understanding: How are users logging in? Via RDP? The important thing is that the user authenticates with a cookie, we don’t have any other way to verify the identify of a user at this time. Can you verify if the cookie is set in the browser.

Hello Marcel,

yes, I am logging into Leantime via an RDP session on a terminal server. I have used different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) and the result is always the same: after a few clicks on different links I lose the SID.

Cookie is set after successful login: