Leantime V2.1.3 Released

We are incredibly excited to share our latest release V2.1.3 with you! Here are the highlights:

Project Portfolios

You can now get an overview of all your projects in one central view. Get a birds eye view and jump right into the project that needs you the most.

Project Templates

Cut down your project set up time by creating project templates. Duplicate all your tasks, milestones, idea and research boards from an existing to a new project. Even milestone dates will retain their duration and relative start dates.

Check out all the release details here.

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Hi Marcel, I tested your update on docker and it’s perfect!
But when i go into “My timesheet”, web page is a blank, there’re not anything (http:myip:port/timesheets/showMy/
Could you please recheck your update.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the report. We are seeing the bug as well.
A bugfix will be released today.


which is now the latest version?

https://leantime.io/ - shows me that the latest version is v2.1

Please tell me if there is any information that I will lose after the update, I mean the settings I entered from admin panel

The latest version is 2.1.4 https://leantime.io/download/
We have had a few roadblocks lately slowing down our development. We should release another version soon.