Leantime on Kubernetes - sample yaml files

Hi there,
I just found this jewel of a software today and I’m really excited to try it out with my team. For that I had to create configuration files for my Kubernetes cluster.
I wanted to share these here in case someone needs them: https://github.com/skye0402/leantime-kubernetes
I had to create 2 files and you first load “first” :laughing: which will establish all services, the persistence and the mysql deployment. You then need to expose your service for port 80 and note down the external URL. This URL then goes into the “last” file where I marked it. I don’t know of a dynamic way to do that - if someone knows please share!
You then deploy the modified “last” file to the cluster and the wonderful “Leantime” is up!

Have a good weekend :hugs:


Update: I have added user files persistence and email parameters to the yaml files. Only thing I found not working is the company logo is lost if the web service pod is restarted. Must be in some volume which I don’t know.

Thank you, this is awesome.

I’ve made another update to the git. Changes:

  • Company logo is now in a persistent volume claim as well (/var/www/html/public/userdata)
  • Timezone for the deployment (actually the pod) is set to Tokyo (just change it to the value you need) to have correct updates to the charts
  • Ownership of mounted volume claims set to www-data user