Leantime keeps displaying help windows

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but using both Firefox 76.0.1 on Windows and Safari on MAC OS X, even when clicking on the “Close screen and don’t Show Again” link, upon logging out and logging back in, all of these tutorial windows are displayed again. My install is a little unusual running in a sub-folder on a Ubuntu VM, so i wanted to rule out any issues on my end first before submitting a bug request on GitHub.

Let me know if you need any more information.

Thank you

Thanks for reporting. First, did you set the appURL in your configuration file?

I’ll check if the API call is set correctly for subfolder installs.

if have the following in my config

public $appUrl = “https://XXX.hopto.org/leantime”; //Base URL, trailing slash not needed

where “XXX” in the first part of the domain name.

Quick update: I found the issue in the javascript files and have a fix ready. This will go out in the next two days.

Thank you!

Is there a reason it is preferred to have have leantime installed in the root of the web server? I am currently running an erp,wiki,webshop, and leantime all as subfolders. I find this method of deploying web based client/server applications easier to manage than setting up different Apache vhost configurations for each website. Just curious since the docs said doing so would expose the user data folder and I had to secure it with an htaccess file and turn off directory listing in the appropriate apache file.

Thanks again!


I understand. As you stated the main purpose is to not expose any sensitive files to the public including userdata, config files, log files. The other item is cookie and session security. Subdomains can be secured individually but a separate app in a subfolder could potentially read cookies/sessions from other apps and authenticate.

One other consideration is migration, it is a lot easier to point a Subdomain to a different server if you choose to move an app.