Leantime features


I’m trying to find an app that has the ability to allow remote users to collaborate via “wiki” on putting together ideas/thoughts. At the same time, I’d like the ability for users to connect with each other via forum/slack within the app, if possible.

It appears that leantime.io might have what I need!

As far as I can tell, it has the “Wiki”. I can’t tell from the features section of the site if the app has the “forum/members” features.

My needs are:
-App with wiki, modify the “wiki” for the “ideas”
-Allow users to signup, connect with each/other, search through the member data
-Have users communicate via integrated forum/slack kind of process

Can anyone tell me if Leantime has the forum/member functionality?


ps. The https://community.leantime.io has the forum, and appears to have the member section as well. Is this functionality included in the leantime.io app?

Hi, I think you are looking for a forum software more than Leantime.
This site uses discourse (https://www.discourse.org/) which is an open source forum that allows you to perform most of the requests you have.