Installation issue on OpenLiteSpeed

Hi Dev

I am trying to install leantime 2.14, first on OpenLiteSpeed, but somehow after deploying and referring the webroot to the leantime public folder, the .htaccess is not being read by OLS. After a few reading, it seems OLS have a different format for .htaccess files that contains the rewrite scripts. Can you give any insight on OLS. I prefer OLS over apache2 if possible. I enabled allow rewrite in OLS as well.

Hi, unfortunately we have not done any testing on OpenLiteSpeed but from this documentation it seems the migration should be rather trivial:

Basically add some ? and slashes based on the examples they provide.
Let me know if that works (if it does, we should add it to our docs)

I did read that OLS documents, but it seems that it wants me to rewrite the .htaccess in their tab. I turn the .htaccess and rewrite on and it did not pick it. Some article says to rewrite the rewrite rule and add the /? prefix but some says the open lite speed version does not read .htaccess, the enterprise lite speed is the one that can read .htaccess file. Meanwhile, after battling installation change from OLS to Apache. I am not sure the advantage of going back to OLS. Will test it once I muster up enough spirit to restore the OLS back from the image I made.