Installation Guidelines


Could you please help me in Lean Time installation steps. I have followed as per documentation and didn’t worked.
Please see the steps below I performed to install Lean Time in my local machine and let me know the corrected steps to get install successfully .

I am trying to install Lean-Time in my local machine and still getting “this site can’t be reached”. Below are the steps followed.

  1. Installed Apache 2.4 and able to hit the server http://localhost/
    And “Apache 2.4” & “apachezt” services are started

  2. Installed PHP 7.4.6 and able to navigate to http://localhost/phpinfo.php

  3. For Apache with mod_rewrite . Added below line in httpd.conf file
    LoadModule php7_module “C:/Apache24/modules/”

  4. Installed MySQL Server

  5. Downloaded latest package LeanTime V2.1.3

  6. Uploaded entire directory to server.
    Copied the lean Time package in the path C:\Apache24\htdocs

  7. Point your domain to the public/ directory
    For this I have added below lines in httpd.conf file

    DocumentRoot “C:/Apache24/htdocs/Leantime/public/”
    # Other directives here

  8. Renamed config/configuration.sample.php to config/configuration.php

  9. Added database credentials (username, password, host, dbname) in config/configuration.php
    /* Database */
    public $dbHost=“localhost”; //Database host
    public $dbUser=“root”; //Database username
    public $dbPassword=“test2007!@#$”; //Database password
    public $dbDatabase=“Local instance MySQL80”; //Database name

  10. And hitting this URL , its not working

Thanks in Advance!
Arun Kumar.

Hi, thanks for reaching out.
It seems the server is not accessible at all. (Not a Leantime issue). Are you sure the domain points to the correct IP? ServerName is not sufficient to set up a domain route on Apache. Here are instructions for a minimal Apache set up

Did you try to go to localhost/install ?