How to update leantime without loosing data

I’m on V 2.0.14

How to update to newest Version?

Updates are very simple. Just upload the new version of leantime into your folder overwriting the files.
The installation package will not change userfiles/
If there are any database changes it will forward you to the update procedure.

Please do make sure to take a backup of the entire database and files, in case something interrupts the procedure.

THX for Taking Care!
I have my leantime on my IONOS webspace.
I’m new with all this server stuff.

I will describe the Stepps to be sure I understand everything right also to remember for future updates.

  1. login to my webspace with FileZilla
  2. Copy the whole subfolder where leantime is installed to HDD of the PC.
  3. make backup of the database? - Have to find out how-to do this on IONOS Controllcenter
    (if there is a guide would be nice to get some hints)
  4. Download the latest version of leantime from Get Leantime - Leantime
  5. extract it on HDD of PC
  6. Upload the files from the extracted Directory from PC to the subfolder on IONOS webspace overwriting all files in the leantime folder.
  7. call the URL of my leantime

PLS confirm or correct !

That’s correct! Once the files are there the update script will start on first load and update the DB if needed