Help to Install from Scratch

I have spent almost 2 full days and I could not make leantime up & running.

  1. I have downloaded version 2.1.7
  2. Created database
  3. Renamed config/configuration.sample.php to config/configuration.php
  4. Filled database credentials as follows

public $dbHost=“localhost”; //Database host
public $dbUser=“leantime”; //Database username
public $dbPassword=“abc@1234”; //Database password
public $dbDatabase=“leantime”; //Database name

  1. Enabled Apache with mod_rewrite
  2. Restarted Apache
  3. Navigate to localhost/install ---->>> nothing happens! Shows like below:

Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server.
Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu) server at Port 80

Also I can see that the “install.php” file is inside the “src” folder. I tried to manually navigate like “localhost/src/install.php” also nothing happens.

It would be helpful if I can get an installation guide in youtube as a video.

Appreciate any help

I got it working but new problem now!

I had to change the public directory then it worked.

However I had to enter the URL as localhost/index.php?install=true

Then I got the signup page.

I entered details and pressed the install button and boom it redirects to localhost/install and the same error back again!!!

Help again please!

I only installed it on my shared hosting server, but I’m pretty sure instructions said that you first are supposed to go to to setup leantime, and once the procedure is finished and everything’s setup, then you can just access to login and do your stuff.

At least that’s how it worked for me.

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Hey, the fact that you were able to access the installer via index.php?install=true
means that you haven’t set up mod_rewrite correctly.

If you are using ubuntu you can follow the instructions here:

correct… this one actually fixed the problem.

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