Getting ZERO notifications…

I didn’t want to file a bug report right away, but I’m running Leantime 2.1.7 on my hosted server. No matter what action or assignment, users get zero notifications, neither via the browser nor via email.

I’ve double checked, enabled notifications on Safari (and Firefox), I tried the PHP mail function as well as configuring SMTP sending, but I get nothing, zilch, nada.

I’m also running WordPress and a Wiki on the same shared hosting, and those are sending notifications just fine, so I’m wondering what is going on there. The error logs of the server don’t reveal anything related to the subdomain I’m using for Leantime either. It’s a mystery – am I missing something?

That is odd. Can you try to use smtp again and change

line 75 in


$this->mailAgent->SMTPDebug = 1;    

This should show you a lot of debug output every time an email is send (try saving a To-Do for example).

One other note: Leantime currently does not send browser notifications, only email or chat (slack, mattermost, zulip)

I made the changes and created a few tickets assigned them to another member. Nothing. No emails. Checked the logs, no errors regarding Leantime or the subdomain I’m running it on. It’s a complete mystery to me, but I’ll collect log info for another day or so and hopefully find something then.

BTW, when you said:

This should show you a lot of debug output every time an email is send

Did you mean in the log, or elsewhere? Either way right now I’m getting nothing.

I’m having a similar issue getting SMTP to work. I’ve enabled logging as Marcel suggested, but the recources/logs/error.log file is empty. Is this logging somewhere else? Thanks!

I’ve tested a basic php mail test script on the subdomain I’m running Leantime on (, and it worked just fine, so it must be something about Leantime that keeps it from sending emails (it won’t send any emails regardless whether I’m using php mail function or SMTP).

Same here. Also don’t get any logs. That’s the worst part if debugging doesn’t work.
I set the level to 2 - I don’t know to which file it would be logging. It could very well be that the mailer doesn’t even get called.
I’m not into php - but I thought after the file change I should use “apachectl -k restart”? After this command I can normally use the application.

The flag mentioned above would show logs on the screen only if smtp is being used. If it doesn’t get there the useSMTP var is not set in the configuration file

Good day Marcel, thanks! Can you tell for which events Leantime sends an email? I couldn’t find it in the documentation. Like: For a new user created/ For a card moved/ For a card assigned/ For a comment written…?