Few simple ideas. Cosmetic but big impacts


After using your great product for a while, I think there are a few ideas that can be implemented. They are mostly cosmetics, but I think will make great impact. Here they are:

  1. The ability to remember default todo view (kanban/table) --> The default is kanban, but some people are more comfortable with table view. Every time they go to the to do page again, it returns to kanban. If you can make it remember the preferred view (table view), it would be awesome.

  2. A consolidated to do page that can see all to-dos assigned to the currently logged user or filter to another user’s name and be able to see all the to-dos for that user across project would also be very helpful. User do not have to go about and checking each project since they may missed them.

  3. All the task in calendar, if can be colored differently to show their status would be awesome. Right now, since no 2 is not available, we are using calendar to get all overview of tasks to see which tasks are overdue or coming, but it is jumbled with tasks that are done, new, ongoing, or even archived with no color indication. It is rather confusing to see the calendar getting filled. Also, a filter of tasks only assigned to logged user would clear the screen.

So far the main concern is to be able to filter the tasks better and with proper labelling. If you can already do it, maybe you can point me to the documentation because I cannot find it.


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