Docker Image updated but still css is loading v2.1.4

Hi All,

I have a docker installation with v2.1.4 and I have updated my image to latest tag on dockerhub.
When I try to access my installation, it shows v.2.1.4 on the bottom. What should I do?

I have tried accessing /update and it says that db is updated.

Am I missing on anything else?

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Not sure on what docker-compose.yaml you use but this is not the case for me. I just used the one from github and it shows 2.1.7.

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The latest tag is available on dockerhub:

Are you trying to pull latest or by tag?

Hello, I have resolved this one. The issue is with the volumes mounted which I fixed permissions and re-downloaded the latest image and run /update and now it works! Not sure though why I need to fix permissions of the mounted volumes. Thanks for the response!