Differences between roles

we were wondering which are the differences between the roles. In particular we would like to see if it’s possible to define a read-only role (which basically can only see what’s going on).
Is there a document describing differences between roles?
I tried to look into your website but it seems down at the moment.



Yes correct. I am also looking for restriction implementation for each user roles. What’s the differences between the roles?

The different user roles in leantime are:

Can do anything including changing company settings.
Set up projects etc.

Can create projects, clients and users but not edit company settings

Client Manager
Is assigned to a client. Can create projects and users within that client.
Can be assigned to many projects. Can we timesheets for entire team

Is assigned to 1->many projects, can create tasks and collaborate within that project.

Is assigned to 1-> many projects, can collaborate within that project but not delete anything

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Is there a way I can restrict access to the roles?
For example, a “Team Member” user role must NOT be able to create to-do’s. Is it possible?

Unfortunately this is currently not possible unless you are adding restrictions to the controllers themselfs