Create a place for vendors and vendor tracking

I think in the ideas sections, it would be great if you can add vendors. It would also be great if you could tag or assign those vendors to the to do and milestone sections.

I figure Leantime may have been envisioned for coding, but if you have a construction project you are working on (like mine), vendor tracking would be ideal.

What type of vendor access are you envisioning? Does the client role work for your use case?

What I mean by a vendor is someone I am hiring. I might have information on them like the usual stuff (name, number, business, contact, website, email), but also their skills/category, where I found them, rate, rating (if they were good or not), completion (did they complete the job or not), upload business card, etc.

Also a print function here would be nice as well.

Ah I see. Thanks. Let me check how much work that would be.