% Complete Error?

Hi there,

In my project I have a Milestone which contains 1x To-Do item that is sat in the Done column.

When that To-Do item has nothing selected in the ‘How large is this to-do?’ dropdown, or if it is set to ANY of the values available (XS all the way up to XXL), I can never get it to higher than 81% with the one to-do on its own!

I don’t understand how this can be?

Setting my 1x To-Do to XXL gives me 81% Done on that Milestone.

Adding a second To-Do set to XL, takes it up to 88% (bizarre), and setting them both to XXL takes it up to 90%.

What am I doing wrong here? How can I get this Milestone to 100%?

Strangely, I have a different Milestone with just 1x To-Do in it, that has no size set, and is sat at 100% complete!

Please can you clarify the calculation behind this?

Also, when editing a Milestone, there is a ‘Status’ drop-down that includes a ‘Done’ option. Where is this status displayed? I imagined that would override any tasks inside it to display a 100% Done to be honest. Or is that not logical?

I have deleted the Milestone that can’t seem to get to 100% Done, and added a new one that is set up exactly the same. Just one item in the Done field (with no size) and it has now gone to 100% Done this time.

How strange?

It seems to be the case that adding To-Dos is accruing a total value for the Milestone that isn’t adjusting back down when those To-Dos are being deleted. Its the only thing I can think of that would cause this.

When I add another Milestone that starts after the first, and make the second Dependent on the first, the first milestone drops from 100% Done to 50% Done. Yet I have not changed the content inside it - it still just contains 1x ToDo in the Done column.

Why would having a Milestone dependent on another affect the % Done of the first?

I also cannot make one milestone 100% done, so I also hope the devs will take a look.

It seems % works only when the milestone is dependent on todos, marking one of those todos as complete changes the % of the milestone. When the milestone is not dependent on any tasks, then marking it complete does not change 0% to 100%

Have you set any dependencies on your milestones?

If you have, I recommend removing them, because they seem to make 100% done unattainable for some unknown reason.

In my case it was the opposite. I did not have dependencies, aften marking it “done” it stayed at 0%. When I added dependencies, marking one of them (3 total) as done, the milestone changed correctly to 33% complete

I had a similar problem with a milestone, but it turn out to be a not completed milestone dependency

Hi all,

Thanks for the report on the dependency issue. I was able to verify this and will try to get a bug fix in this week.