Change date format?

Is it possible change the date format for localisation purposes?

Despite me setting the site to use language as English-UK, I am still seeing US style date inputs.

US style = Month/Day/Year
UK style = Day/Month/Year

This is very confusing for users tbh and is frequently a problem when inputting Milestones.

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Second the idea, we mostly use Day/Month/Year format.

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Are developers actively monitoring this forum, do you know?

I got a reply to another issue some weeks ago, I think there are some days that are more active at the forum.

There have not been any replies by devs for four weeks now. Before that they have been active here. I hope they haven’t abandoned the project because it is still a bit buggy

12 days ago a merge request was submitted, so at least development seems active.

Its a great project, I’m using it with my team here every single hour of every single working day now. Its been very helpful. But there are just a few frustrating bugs that need to be ironed out.

Let’s see how development progresses over the coming weeks / months but if it stalls perhaps its worth forking another version to try to fix some of those bugs independently?

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I understand, me too, I like this tool, I’ve been tracking all my work time, and now we are trying it with a small hardware development team. We have some issues too, but I’m having hope those will eventually get fixed/implemented.

Develop new features may be is a slow process, so I wont expect to have many releases by year, but at least the development looks like to have established goals and active work on the project.

Take a look at the activity on the repo issue board.

Maybe they’ll answer there too.

Hey All,

Sorry about the slow responds lately. The project is still active we just haven’t been able to commit as much time lately as a result of the current COVID environment.

I am checking the forum regularly. If you have immediate needs feel free to email

I will pin a message to this forum letting folks know about our current delays. Thanks for understanding.

Regarding the date format question: You can change the format in the translation files: resources/languages/
The first few lines define the date format. You can also just copy one of those files, make the changes and add a “new language” to languagelist.ini That way your changes won’t be overwritten by the next update.

Hi Marcel,
I did as instructed above, for Australia, creating en-AU.ini and adding to languagelist.ini a line like en-AU = “English (AU)” and updating configuration.php with like
public $language = “en-AU”; //Default language
I used the en-GB.ini as a base as its what I want only changing the L to $ for currency, No joy, the date is still American, so I completley re-install Leantime as I wonder does it store something in the Database, Same Same the only way I could make it respond was to edit the en-US.ini
It seems to completley ignore the language files as if it is hard coded to en-US
So I do have it working well now, with Australian Dates, like DMY, I guess I just got to watch for that with Upgrades, I hope this helps someone

You got it mostly right. One thing: Once you start leantime once with a language set in the config, that value gets stored in the DB and you have to change the language via the UI. (Company Settings -> Language) Other than that all the steps you followed were correct.