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Hi Marcel,
I’m buiding your solution (docker) on my server. But I need some feature:

  • Intergrated 2FA when login user (google authenticator or others)?
  • Email alarm when todolist deadline? email when user change on server?
  • Can I check exactly who is logging (access log)
  • Support work chat bot?
    How i configure them?
    Thanks so much!

Hi Marcel,
add above features, I don’t see tracking someone change start date or remove milestone, todolist …
Do your solutions support it?
Thanks so much!

Hey, sorry for the delay! 2FA is now in there. Access logging is something we are working on.
Chat bot is currently only one way. You can set up Mattermost, Slack or Zulip and Leantime will notify the channel of your choice about updates.

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